The Fassati Art Festival is an art project full of unusual experiences encompassing music, fine arts, architecture, design, epicurean delicacies, emotions, and interpersonal harmony. The main idea of the Festival was designed by Markéta Fassati who, together with the renowned Armonico Praga agency headed by Milada Petřinová and manager Milan Herman, guarantee the Festival’s uniqueness. Long-term friendships and collaboration among musicians across the globe has crystallized into celebrations of art held in cities in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic has had historic ties to the rest of the world in all its art forms and the Fassati Art Festival strives to continue this mission.

About the festival

Beautiful music, interesting guests, exclusive venues, and a great atmosphere: that is the Fassati Art Festival. The gala events are a real treat

Markéta Čapková - Teplárna Kladno, s.r.o.

You will hardly find a more pleasant evening that combines a relaxed atmosphere, a cultural experience, the company of friendly people, and the positive energy that Markéta Fassati radiates. That is the Fassati Art Festival. It makes one feel really proud to be a partner to such an event.

Roman Knap - CEO, Czech Post

The Fassati Art Festival galas are among the best social events of the year! Art at a top level, elegance, a friendly atmosphere, and originality every second.

Kamila Paličková - Aido Group, a.s.



Soprano Markéta Fassati was born in Prague into the family of music conductor Lubomír Mátl. She graduated in opera at the Academy of Performing Arts and thanks to performing in opera houses and on concert stages all over the world, she has travelled all continents. She enjoys being surrounded by high-quality art, and in addition to music, her passions include architecture, design, fine arts, and culinary arts. She believes that life should exist in harmony, and so she decided to combine everything she likes and start the Fassati Art Festival.


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